Stop worying about searching icons and adding them into your WordPress website.

Access almost 4000 icons (and over 100.000 icons in PRO version), through an easy interface that's capable of inserting icons into your website's pages, through most of all major popular page builders and native WordPress super-powers.


IconPress vs. font icons

As seen, IconPress is superior in every aspect, making it the obvious choice when handling icons in WordPress.

Font icons

  • Single color
  • ±150 kb
  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • No
  • Color
  • Size (on average)
  • Editable
  • Use as image
  • HTTP Requests
  • Visual Management

Interesting fact: If all WordPress websites would use IconPress,
probably tens of terabytes would be spared from uselessly being loaded.

Over 100.000 icons

Looking for a specific icon? There’s likely to find one that will fit perfectly into your website’s page.

Lite version is packed with almost 4000 built-in icons.


IconPress - 100000 icons

Search. Toggle icon. Save!

Through an easy and intuitive interface, managing icons has never been so pleasant.


IconPress - WordPress Icon Easy Management

Support for page builders,
Gutenberg & shortcodes

IconPress currently supports all major page builders, such as WPBakery Page builder, Elementor and Beaver Builder. Others very soon!

Also, we’re part of WordPress’s future by having our very own Gutenberg block.


IconPress - Page Builders Supported
IconPress - Shortcode
IconPress - Gutenberg
IconPress - Beaver Builder IconPress - Elementor IconPress - WPBakery Page Builder

Your custom collection

Manage the icons you choose to use & load in your website. Download, edit or customize your icons.

This collection is the only part that is loading into the frontend.

IconPress - Custom Collection IconPress - Custom Collection Item IconPress - Custom Collection Item Toolbar IconPress - Custom Collection Item

Boost your website’s
load performance

Probably the most important advantage of using this plugin, is that your website won’t have to deal with enormous font icon libraries that are loaded uselessly.

IconPress loads icons only on demand, providing even more options than a regular font glyph.

IconPress - Custom Collection

Enhance your website’s looks
with icon decorations

Any icon can be accompanied by special, unique and creative decorations,
with powerful customization options that will enhance your icons display.

IconPress - Icon Decorations
Customize icons

Customize icons and generate various codes

Customize icons color and size, and generate a code that fits your needs. Currently supporting SHORTCODE, SVG (both inline and embed) and PHP. We have built in functions that will easily inset any icon based on its id.


Upload your SVG icons

Upload your own SVG icons

You’re able to upload your own custom .svg icons and use it inside your website’s Media Library, Page builder elements, or everywhere in your website where you can paste a shortcode.


SVG Code Editor

SVG code editor

If you’re planing on customizing your icons by changing some of their colors, or just adding or removing certain shapes, simply edit their code.


WordPress Friendly


Gutenberg Ready!

IconPress is now part of WordPress’s future, having its very own GutenBerg block.

Customize icons

WordPress Editor

When creating a new page you’ll always find the IconPress iconshort code button right above the editor.


WordPress Customizer

Theme developers can use IconPress app control, right into the WordPress’s Customizer.

And even more awesome features!

System locked icons

Term given to icons that are hardcoded throughout IconPress, but mostly as a tool for theme and plugin developers, to include icons that cannot be removed by users.

Entrance animations

Make your icons enter in style with custom animations when scrolling into view.


Demo import

You can bundle IconPress with your theme and include system icons, but mainly, you can safely export your sample data of a theme demo, using simple hooks. One Click Demo Import plugin supported!

SVG Support into WordPress

IconPress adds the posibility of viewing SVG thumbnails and uploading into Media Library, as well as inserting svg’s into the editor.

Built with React

React is used for the JavaScript foundation of this plugin, making it fast and responsive.